About Avirodha

Avirodha Consulting Group is a health technology consulting firm focused on the selection, implementation and optimization of electronic health records for organizations within behavioral health, non-profit, and community health care. 

Our approach begins with focusing on your organization workflows, ensuring the client quality of care is at the center of the process. Throughout the workflow process, Avirodha Consulting Group creates a return on your investment by generating efficiencies, reducing expenses, increasing revenue cycle management opportunities and implementing processes that improve client and staff satisfaction. 

Typically, consulting firms see their role as antagonistic with the health record vendors, affecting timeliness and harmonious outcomes. Avirodha’s collaborative approach with vendors allows us to complement and enhance vendor project management and implementation strategies leading to successful and timely project completions.  By managing a positive working experience with third party vendors, we are able to provide the client perspective and ensure the project is designed to meet the clients desired workflow.  Our work experience with several EHR vendors also allows us the ability to provide knowledgeable and unbiased feedback to the client.  

The size of our firm allows us to focus and fully understand our clients’ unique and diverse services and programs. Avirodha integrates that knowledge into working with all levels of staff to identify the workflows for each level of care.  Those workflows are the center of our selection, implementation and process improvement processes.

Finally, our ability to use our experience to negotiate your electronic health record contract with perspective vendors provides an opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of the software while ensuring the return on investment of the purchase.  Through our experience we understand where the opportunities for discounts can be found and where there is room for price negotiation.  We also provide experience and knowledge to protect the integrity of the expected project scope through contract language. 

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